SciBeh Virtual Workshop 2021: Science Communication as Collective Intelligence

18–19 November 2021


We need science communication that moves beyond the traditional “lone wolf” model (where individual scientists engage in public outreach) towards a collective intelligence model.

In this workshop, we will develop a manifesto that establishes the need for collective intelligence in science communication and identifies the tools and methods necessary for its success.

Join us to explore what collective intelligence can offer, discuss the challenges ahead, and set out a vision for the future of science communication.

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Why collective intelligence?

  • In a crisis, the landscape of science communication and its socio-political context is changing dynamically.
  • Social media disinformation and anti-science campaigns have become part of the wider discourse, damaging trust in scientific communication.
  • Individual scientists will struggle to communicate effectively amidst these forces.
  • We need to adapt—by harnessing collective intelligence to communicate scientific outputs to both policy-makers and the public.

Schedule and speakers

Here is the preliminary schedule (details to be confirmed).